“An Amazingly Breathtaking and Mind-bending Journey!!”

I absolutely love this book with all of its rich history, many arrays of characters with bold personalities, magic, action, and captivating events. A.A. Walker has an innate ability to bring to life colorful and imaginative worlds beyond anything I could think or dream. His writing style is a rollercoaster which leaves you breathless at every turn and hungry for more. Walker effortlessly weaves together the lives of dozens upon dozens of characters to bring the reader to a culmination of events that involves not only the present world but past worlds as well. One of the best things about this book is that there are no small parts, even though we follow the journey of the three heroes in the story, he writes every character with significant meaning. This book is worth reading and after reading book one you will crave book two with passionate anticipation…..just like I do!! You just have to buy this book…I have two copies!

—Kelvin W.