A great intro that sets up what could be a fun series!

A. A. Walker’s​ debut novel The Dreadmore Saga: Requiem of the Forgotten, which throws readers into the world of Balmora which is full of mystery and adventure. The novel follows the exploits of Yarrin, Rygar, and Novvus as they rise to a glorious destiny which will either save or destroy the world that they live in.

The heroes are hunted by the Magelentic Council which run the world and at their disposal is every kind of monster under the sun. Which is interesting as they are the council who had banded together to protect the world from an even greater evil.

The book opens with a prologue which gives a brief history of Balmora which I felt could have been sprinkled throughout the novel itself instead of being front and center. I felt this took away from what could have been a stronger introduction in the first chapter. While a little too overboard in details (the first sentence mentions that they are on an isle and the second redundantly explains that there is water on all sides), it was still a good read and one that I would suggest to those looking to start in on a new fantasy series.

–Stuart C.