Ages long since passed, dwelt Eerea, a world lay covered in irrecoverable devastation and anguish. But I fear to understand this world presently, one must understand its past and history has always been the key to understanding that past.

The history of our people stems from the vanquishing of darkness that consumed our world with wrath and ruin. In the many years that followed, the lands became known as Balmora.

Filled with an array of species and creatures, Balmora was a cluster of diversity. It was, in fact, the largest of the nine islands of Eerea. Amongst its lesser land counterparts, Balmora sat centered between the remaining eight landmasses.

Peace had undeniably graced our lands with its presence for many moons, but we have not always known such blissful peace.

Not long ago, amidst the Dawn of Umbra, in a time of war and death, a bragorim known as Mordeus waged a dark and unrelenting war against those he sought to conquer.

Mordeus was hell-bent on the destruction of Balmora and the enslavement of its people. His horrid legions of followers were those of the hellish descent.

Banshees, Uundii, Argots, hobgoblins, Raza, and bloodhounds alike all beckoned at his call. Of his followers, none were more feared than the Unhallowed Order—a spineless collective of putrid necromancers. They alone were the generals of his army. With their help, Mordeus laid waste to towns and cities in a matter of days. In doing so, they replenished their ranks by the thousands, resurrecting the corpses of those slain in battle.

The Magelentic Council, the joint forces of the twelve primes of Balmora, sought to put an end to Mordeus’ unscrupulous reign. A preemptive strike to salvage their homeland, led by Urien, leader of the Jadari warriors and the prime of Skystead, held back the forces of Dreadmore. But even that wasn’t enough to protect his people.

In the wake of what would have been Mordeus’ sure victory, an unforeseen turn of events transpired. Mordeus, the leader of the Dreadmore Army, was betrayed. He was struck down by those who he relied on the most—his generals. Together, they sealed Mordeus’ body, using sanguine conjus, in what was the ruins of the Arid Mountains.

With his demise, the order, themselves, vanished. There are those who believe they fled in fear of Kydesis and Kydain—the dark gods to whom they prayed to for the gift of immortality.

Since Alavus Tal-na, Balmora and all of Eerea have come to know peace. It is, however a peace I, and others like me, fear will soon come to an end. I am afraid we must prepare for a storm—a storm the likes of which we have never seen or will ever see again. A final war will wage between those who seek to heal this world and those who seek only its destruction. This fight will be the beginning of the end to all we have come to know.

I only pray that when the time comes, that we will be strong enough……


Dawn of Sathram

Balmora’s Historical Archives