In this energetically plotted series opener, Walker balances a large cast in numerous locations (and many classic dungeon crawls) across Balmora. Walker also keeps fantasy fans tuned in with a barrage of inventive characters (such as Ecrin the Gorchen), creatures (the batlike Raza), and villains (the merciless Vorkalth). —Kirkus Review (  

“Epic Fantasy Debut”

This book is phenomenal and I just can’t get enough of how vivid the writing is! I absolutely love the fact that I can close my eyes, listen to the words and feel like I’m actually there living out the story! This book is great all the way around and I must give it 5 […]

“Breathtaking & Adventurous”

I absolutely love this book with all of its rich history, many arrays of characters with bold personalities, magic, action, and captivating events. A.A. Walker has an innate ability to bring to life colorful and imaginative worlds beyond anything I could think or dream. His writing style is a rollercoaster which leaves you breathless at […]

“An Amazingly Breathtaking and Mind-bending Journey!!”

A. A. Walker’s​ debut novel The Dreadmore Saga: Requiem of the Forgotten, which throws readers into the world of Balmora which is full of mystery and adventure. The novel follows the exploits of Yarrin, Rygar, and Novvus as they rise to a glorious destiny which will either save or destroy the world that they live […]

A great intro that sets up what could be a fun series!

Dreadmore was a great read. I am not big on fantasy books but it was nice seeing a different style of writing from the author. I became a fan after reading Uncovered. Dreadmore was a big difference; I highly recommend reading both. AJPS

“Amazing artist at his craft!!!”