Kelvin S. Willingham

Kelvin is the Executive Creative Director for all things Dreadmore. Gifted with a pen and paper (well, iPad in this case), Kelvin has brought the vision of Eerea to life. His attention to details and perfection have given birth to the ice-striken Uundii race, the boastful and prideful Argots and the adorable Slgorr. A.A Walker [...]

Weeping Marshes

The only swamp in northern territory. It spans over nearly twenty acres of land and is home to leech goblins. The marshes lie directly between Everwinter and Westend.


Warthford is one of the nine isles of Eerea. It is located west of Balmora across the Vestile Ocean. It is also the original homeland of the Argot race.


One word....Amina. Windermere maybe a major city but Amina is the reason it is so known. Windermere has been without a Prime since the start of Alvus Tal-na, as their last was murdered by a disciple of the Dreadmore Army.